Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

What is maxillofacial surgery is surgery of the facial region. It is a special subset of dentistry that involves the diagnosis, surgery and treatment of oral injuries and defects. Some common reasons to see a maxillofacial surgeon are to receive dental implants, jaw alignment, TJ surgery, tooth extraction, treatment of traumatic injury as well as many other things.

Maxillo facial surgery can involve treatment of the mandible, upper jaw, or maxilla, upper jaw as well as cheekbones, nasal bones and other facial structures. The results of maxillofacial surgery before and after a patient has the operation can have a dramatic effect on their appearance and oral function. The result can be a patient who has restored confidence in the facial appearance greatly alleviating stress over how they look. The outcome can also be a patient who’s properly restored oral function and has eliminated daily pain.